WIOA Adult



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The Adult Program serves people who are 18 years and older, are legally entitled to work in the United States and have met selective service registration requirements.  The purpose of the Adult Program is to increase the employment retention, earnings, and occupational skills of participants. This program aims to improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation's economy. There is a priority for eligible low income and welfare recipients and for certain veterans or veteran spouses to receive specific services. The program provides a range of self-service and staff assisted services for adults seeking employment. Services can range from skill assessment, labor market information, consumer reports on training programs, and job search and placement assistance, to more intensive services for eligible adults who experience more difficulty in obtaining jobs. Support services and vocational skills training funding are available during certain times of the year.  Employers are also offered assistance in accessing a qualified labor pool and other employment related services.




King County Job Initiative (KCJI)



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The King County Jobs Initiative (KCJI) provides job training, job placement, and supportive services to low-income King County adults.  We enroll clients in a variety of training opportunities with different start dates and locations. Training for self-sufficient employment generally lasts no more than 12 weeks. We will also help clients with transportation to get to training and work, childcare, and emergency support services as needed.  KCJI also provides an intensive four-day Job Readiness Training for all participants. This training helps participants understand and prepare for their transition from training into employment.



Foundational Community Support Program


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